Song lyrics “I AM” by artist and music producer SEAN.FM. The song was released on September 21st, 2022 and is digitally distributed by the record label “Conscious Funk Recordings”.

What are we doing to take care of ourselves?
What are we doing to prepare ourselves?
Are we taking care to prepare ourselves?
Are we prepared to take care of ourselves
What are we doing?

Let’s come together to make a plan
Let’s begin by breathing in I am
This will help us understand
Beauty lies in the palm of our hands
Yes I am that I am
Replaces the statement if I can
There is no reason to take a stand
Being is not subject to demand

I am open
I am free
I am content
I am me

Living awareness means
Taking responsibility
See through the eyes of honesty
And acknowledge vulnerability
Our hearts are not the enemy
Our hearts are not the enemy
Our hearts are not the enemy
Let’s dive deep into this sea
And mould our collective destiny.

I am open
I am free
I am content
I am me

Title: I AM (Single)
Artist: Sean.FM
Label: Conscious Funk Recordings
Copyright: ©+℗ Conscious Funk Recordings
Genre: Electronic | DnB | Neurofunk | Punk | Breakbeat | Coldwave / Synth | Spoken Word
Duration: 00:05:25

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About the Artist

SEAN.FM is an artist and producer based in Maryland. His music is characterized by soaring instrumentals, deeply aspirational lyrics, and cinematic, expressive sounds. His kaleidoscopic approach to making music draws from his diverse background, which has exposed him to various cultures and corners of the globe, and includes influences from genres such as Electronica, Drum and Bass, Neurofunk, Punk, Breakbeat, and Coldwave/Synth. SEAN.FM’s music is powerful, relevant, and endlessly interesting, with each track being distinct and pushing the boundaries of his creativity.

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