Soaring instrumentals and deeply aspirational lyrics make up the uniquely cinematic, expressive and engaging sound of Maryland artist and producer SEAN.FM.

Introducing an unrivalled sense of creative freedom and purpose combined, SEAN.FM produces extensive original soundtracks that both embrace the listener and provoke a deeper level thought within them.

Committed to thinking outside of the box, SEAN.FM makes fine use of the creative space when crafting new releases. His music all at once encompasses the current psyche of the modern artist, and promises an immersive hit of escapism that’s addictively uplifting.

Singles like ‘I AM’ speak volumes on behalf of this balance between artistic intrigue and outright professionalism. Offering a near six-minute electronic journey, as pristinely impressive as it is fascinating and indeed epic, the track consistently evolves both in audio design and conceptual exploration. In the same instance, it maintains an essential groove throughout much of the progression, allowing the listener to get comfortable within the mix, whilst connecting profoundly with the topics and thoughts presented along the way.

Sean’s openly kaleidoscopic approach to making music spans from his eclectic life spent exploring various cultures and corners of the globe. Growing up in Phoenix, Arizona, the young artist would soon relocate to Europe, and proceed to live in Austria’s capital Vienna for the next seventeen years. As such, his breadth of musical influence is second to none, boasting aspects of the local down-tempo scene in unison with that of creative production, dance, spoken word and rap. Sean’s take on the contemporary landscape both in the audio realm and that of the wider world around him is relentlessly unclouded, and free from the confines of a singular perspective.

SEAN.FM’s music is not only unpredictable from one track to the next, but it’s decidedly powerful, relevant, and endlessly interesting. Bringing such a notably diverse background to contemporary production, his style takes subtle influence from the greats, but ultimately drives with a sense of identity uninhibited by genre or industry expectation. Each new piece is decidedly different from the last, and whether ambient and contemplative, or high-energy and motivational, the sound extends its depth on a boldly human level.

Often utilising poetic framing to convey fearlessly topical ideas, from both pop culture and the personal conscience, SEAN.FM’s music emerges with an unorthodox degree of interactive presence. This means that each forward-thinking and mildly experimental piece allows listeners to feel quickly involved in the work, and aptly prompted to consider their own role within both the chaos and beauty of the world. All that’s required is an open mind, and the interest and passion of the sound brings out a similar state of curiosity and emotion in all who delve in.

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Potomac (MD)

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